Monday, January 18, 2010

Reflecting on Haitian Life After Tragedy

The following is a video on Haiti after 4 tropical storms hit the island, causing major floods and millions of Haitian refugees.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ominous Setting!

One key element to a really amazing horror film is to develop suspense through the use of setting. Turning an ordinary, every day environment into a terrifying world takes time and shouldn't be rushed. Instead, we build the sense of terror by slowly turning the ordinary into something extraordinary and thus terrifying!

Watch these scenes from horror films like The Shining to see if you can tell how the directors used setting to develop suspense.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Conflict and Character Development (HW for 11/30)

Today we discussed how conflict develops and even defines characters. How we act, react and interact in times of trouble provide some clues about who we are as people--the same is true in fiction.

In fact, in a way figuring out characteristics through conflict is more important than the conflict itself. The conflict is only a part of a much larger journey. SO when we read fiction or think about our own lives, conflicts should be moments where we thinking about the causes and effects of such problems. Who were we, and what will we become?

For homework, you should read your independent reading book and identify major conflicts that have occured in the narrative and then write a page about how this conflict points to the development of those characters involved in the conflict (what have we learned about this character from his/her actions before, during and after the conflict).

Types of conflict

Internal - Person v. Self
External- Person v. Person, Person v. Nature, Person v. Society, Society v. Society

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Homework

ELA Thanksgiving Break Assignments

  1. Read “Madonna”
    • Highlight key words & phrases that point to the theme of the story

  1. Read “Fashion Show, Grand Opening, and Bar-B-Que Memorial Service”
    • Create a list of at least 5 interview questions for one of the characters in the book and answer each question as you think the character would answer it.

  1. Finish writing your “Compassionate Moment” paper: In this paper you should write about a moment when someone did something caring for others. Describe this moment in detail and then discuss what you have learned from it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Walter Dean Myers Community Poem

Walter Dean Myers writes about how his community has rhythm and his entire book of poems "Here in Harlem" is filled with poems of people's perspectives on their lives within the community of Harlem.

Your homework is to write a poem of your own that shows how someone is feeling and uses the community you live in to describe these feelings. You should try to illustrate your poem with pictures of symbols used within the text of the poem. These poems will be posted on the bulletin board in the classroom so please write neatly.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Research and Feature Articles

Unfortunately, we can't spend a ton of time in-class researching. This means that you will have to research at home, in the media-center (open to Journalism Students during 6th period lunch on Friday) and at the library.

However, research can get a little easier if you use some of the "useful sites" posted to the right side of this blog entry: IS 145 Media Center (scroll down for databases, and magazines), Internet Public Library and Teenspace, and PBS Newshour.

The best and most thorough search engine though, is EBSCO. Go to this site- and type in jp145 in both the username and password to begin searching.

Monday, October 19, 2009


834 & 831

Please complete a final draft of your pitch letter. Your final draft should include your pitch cover sheet, and a sketch of your article's layout. (ALL PITCHES MUST BE HANDED IN THIS WEEK!)


You must have a sketch of your article's layout to be handed in on Wednesday.
Your final draft, cover sheet and layout sketch are due on Thursday this week.