Monday, November 30, 2009

Conflict and Character Development (HW for 11/30)

Today we discussed how conflict develops and even defines characters. How we act, react and interact in times of trouble provide some clues about who we are as people--the same is true in fiction.

In fact, in a way figuring out characteristics through conflict is more important than the conflict itself. The conflict is only a part of a much larger journey. SO when we read fiction or think about our own lives, conflicts should be moments where we thinking about the causes and effects of such problems. Who were we, and what will we become?

For homework, you should read your independent reading book and identify major conflicts that have occured in the narrative and then write a page about how this conflict points to the development of those characters involved in the conflict (what have we learned about this character from his/her actions before, during and after the conflict).

Types of conflict

Internal - Person v. Self
External- Person v. Person, Person v. Nature, Person v. Society, Society v. Society